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New Intelligence make complex business decisions simple

Recognise any of these challenges?


  • Do you find Industry 4.0 jargon confusing?
  • Are you aware of the benefits of Digital Twinning, but unsure of where to start?
  • Are you unsure how to maximise the knowledge and ideas of your employees?
  • Have you have embraced C.I, yet aren’t seeing the benefits in your bottom line?

Ineffective Systems / Processes

  • Are you working towards achieving business excellence, but find those elusive final improvement percentage points impossible to achieve?
  • Does your business operate from disconnected data sources and platforms?
  • Do you find that technology is making your business more difficult to manage, and not easier?

Limited Resources / Liquidity

  • Do you find standard consultancy offerings time consuming and cost-prohibitive?
  • Do you feel you can’t risk disrupting productivity in opening up your business to third party consultants?
  • Are you trapped in a recurring negatively affecting month-end cycle?
  • Are you nearing crisis point, looking to identify and apply immediate fixes to prevent business uncertainty?
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The Solution

What if you could utilise technology that combines the knowledge of experienced consultants and the learned data of AI to solve your business problems?

Voyage 360 has been built to enable your manufacturing organisation to make educated business decisions based on machine learning and unbiased data. Using custom-built Digital Twinning software, Voyage 360 can deliver improvement recommendations unique to your bespoke requirements.


Connecting the shop floor to the top floor

Proven results

The team behind NI have over 250 years combined experience and have been the force behind multiple business transformations, both individually and collectively.

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People & Culture

Processes & Procedures

Data & Systems

Strategy & Leadership

We have come to realise the core capabilities any organisation must possess in order to survive and perform in its chosen industry and marketplace.

When a business strengthens its core capabilities it becomes more adept at achieving its goals, performing its mission and developing as a successful company.

We create business improvement solutions that revolutionise the current cycle of continuous improvement. In today’s world, fixing immediate needs, root causes and delivering long term growth aspirations for your business is essential Рour technology makes this possible.


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