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Digitising business improvement

Recognise any of these challenges?


  • Do you find Industry 4.0 jargon confusing?
  • Are you aware of the benefits of Digital Twinning, but unsure of where to start?
  • Are you unsure how to maximise the knowledge and ideas of your employees?
  • Have you have embraced C.I, yet aren’t seeing the benefits in your bottom line?

Ineffective Systems / Processes

  • Are you working towards achieving business excellence, but find those elusive final improvement percentage points impossible to achieve?
  • Does your business operate from disconnected data sources and platforms?
  • Do you find that technology is making your business more difficult to manage, and not easier?

Limited Resources / Liquidity

  • Do you find standard consultancy offerings time consuming and cost-prohibitive?
  • Do you feel you can’t risk disrupting productivity in opening up your business to third party consultants?
  • Are you trapped in a recurring negatively affecting month-end cycle?
  • Are you nearing crisis point, looking to identify and apply immediate fixes to prevent business uncertainty?
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The Solution

Voyage 360 codifies industry expertise and experience on an AI platform.

The Digital Consultant maps, diagnoses and recommends your sequenced improvement road-map. The Optimised Solutions Store connects you to your unique sequenced solutions to improve & control your core capabilities, drive business KPIs and move the business excellence needle. A platform for learning, optimisation, risk mitigation and virtual decision-making.



Proven results

The team behind NI have over 250 years combined experience and have been the force behind multiple business transformations, both individually and collectively.

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People & Culture

Processes & Procedures

Data & Systems

Strategy & Leadership

We have come to realise the core capabilities any organisation must possess in order to survive and perform in its chosen industry and marketplace.

When a business strengthens its core capabilities it becomes more adept at achieving its goals, performing its mission and developing as a successful company.

Voyage 360 blends people & technology to increase core capabilities with sequenced improvements. Boost business KPIs and drive the business excellence needle in a cost-effective, self-driven, self-paced and permanent way.


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