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Business Transformation

Business & Digital Transformation Software for manufacturers by manufacturers

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The Motivation

Borne out of the frustrations of either consultancy solutions that failed to add value or IT systems which failed to deliver, the New Intelligence team have codified their knowledge and experience of business transformation into a software tool to support business improvement and digital development.

Market ProblemSolving Poor Productivity

As a nation the UK’s productivity lags behind its G7 & G20 counterparts both in absolute terms but also in terms of productivity growth. Solving the productivity puzzle is a key government aim. If the productivity of a single mid-sized business can be improved by just 10% and this could be repeated throughout all the UK’s mid-sized businesses, then it would add a further £55 billion of output to the UK economy.

Market ProblemUnderstanding I4.0 & digitalisation

Whilst much is currently being written on Industry 4.0 and digitalisation the underlying challenges for businesses haven’t really changed; how to improve the top line whilst growing the bottom line, and, how do we get more out of less in a sustainable way?

What we do

Our Software, Voyage 360™, puts the business owner in control of the business transformation process enabling real time analysis of multiple what-if? scenarios and leading to risk mitigation, capability enhancement, business improvement and full digital twinning.

Industry 4.0 - Jargon or Solution?

While our flagship product, Voyage 360, and full website is in the later stages of development, we'd love to share with you some insights from the NI team on trends and news emerging from within the manufacturing sectors.