Brief Business Overview:

Dedicated gluten free snack contract manufacturer, based in two BRC AA accredited production sites in North Wales, offering a unique range of services and an in depth understanding of the UK healthy snacking market.

Current portfolio includes projects for customers across a range of market sectors including weight management, sports nutrition, toddler snacking, healthy indulgence, vegan friendly, digestive health and mainstream better-for-you brands.

The Challenge

Digitally process map and twin of the two BRC AA accredited production sites in North Wales in order to establish whether a 3rd manufacturing facility is required with a total investment of circa £10 million.

The Solution

Over a two week period New Intelligence and Clive Whitegate digital process mapped both manufacturing facilities in North Wales in order to establish availability, production capacity and future potential improvements to financially risk mitigate a new facility capital investment project.

The team digitally twined both facilities capturing elements such as process flow, temperatures, humidity, health and safety, value and non-value add, scheduling, ERP usage and established through fact based data mapping outcomes that there was no need for capital investment.

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The Results

  • Capital investment cost avoidance of ¬£10m
  • Production increased by 25%
  • Identification of 42 major cycle-time & productivity improvements
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