Brief Business Overview:

With more than a century of applications experience and a range that covers every major technology, our client can advise on, design and supply the right compressor for virtually any situation and offer an unequivocal commitment to support, spares and service for the lifetime of every compressor sold.

However, our client realised that the emergence of global competition and digital technologies means that in order to retain and grow their market share they must develop a new dynamic fast paced, high productivity data based Sales, Inventory & Operational (SIOP) approach to business management.

The Challenge

Our client is a traditional company in the process of transitioning to a modern global business. We have had to embrace the move from paper centric to computer centric. The management of this transition was ad-hoc and over an extended period of time, some parts of the business have had focus and others evolved organically as technology became available. We recognise that much of the data generated during this transition does not serve the business needs in an efficient manner. We are also aware that data technology is a sufficiently advanced stage that we can embrace it to optimise our business through data.

We were commissioned by our client to improve their Sales, Inventory and Operational Planning decision making in order to:

  • support & grow their aftermarket,
  • increase the sale of original equipment,
  • reduce supply chains costs
  • create industry leading best in class sustainable process’s through the digitisation of their SIOP process.

The Solution

Design and develop a business systems integrated SIOP Digital Data Twin underpinned by supporting software architecture that will enable the visualisation of our client’s business information in order to make fact based Sales, Inventory and Operational Planning decision making.

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The Results

New Intelligence Voyage 360 software was used to establish core capability, diagnose areas of strengths and weaknesses leading to the recommendation of a Sales, Inventory and Operational Planning integrated digital twining business improvement road map.

  • Oliver Buhlinger, Martin Clocherty – New Intelligence
  • David Muir – Operations Project Manager
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