Biz° Explainer

Time equals money so test the waters, try us out, look at our history and answer 6 key questions that will make you stop and think? “Are we really to busy to improve”? If you are, good luck and see you down the road.

Biz° Mapping

Map the connectivity of the people and technology within your business. If there are disconnects Biz Mapping will identify them via our smart commence sense algorithms and in return share industry gold standard knowledge all for the sum of £0.

Biz° Diagnostic

Biz Diagnostic will provide insightful visualisations derived from our data, AI and machine learning in relation to the inter-connectiveness of each fundamental Congruence business building block. Any weaknesses will be identified and measured against the ever-advancing industry excellence.

Biz° Recommendation Engine

As our manufacturing industry is so complex and unique our smart algorithm has been designed to create a business improvement road-map unique to your business. Our algorithms continue to learn from the ‘New Intelligence’ it gathers meaning the recommendations learn and adapt to suit your ever-changing and adapting business needs.

Biz° Solution Store

In short, you are not alone. Even though you are unique our solution store will enable you to learn and collaborate with other Voyage 360 innovators in a collaborative and controlled way ensuring that best practices and Voyage 360 experiences are shared to the benefit of the miss-understood manufacturing industry. Our library of solutions and solutions provides are the tip of the collaborative iceberg.

Biz° Optimiser

Adaptable software there to ensure your complex ‘what-if’ business questions can be risk mitigated in a safe environment powered buy our collective ‘New Intelligence’ and your complex business data made simple.

Voyage 360° Academy

New Intelligence provide software but underpin this by a service with a difference. Our V360 Academy are there to provide technical support, education and solutions support for those complex business decisions that require careful consideration. Our approach has been designed by manufacturers for manufactures therefore innovative but practical. True lean software.

Voyage 360 White Labelling

Looking for a competitive digital edge that will differentiate your offering in the crowded and competitive marketplace in which you operate in?

Wished your business had an optimisation platform like Voyage 360 that was not constrained by business load and capacity but don’t have the time or resource (but have the knowledge) to create an offering like Voyage 360?

Voyage 360 has been designed to be sector flexible so why not discuss white labelling Voyage 360 with the New Intelligence team as they are not constrained by their primary market sector and actively engaged across differing sectors.

Dare to be different!

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Biz Digital Twinning

Do you feel pressured by I 4.0 top down approach? Frightened by those big Digital Twining numbers with endless zeros but still find yourself interested? At New Intelligence we collaborate with best in class Digital Twining partners such as Visual Components who understand the what and how-to Digital Twinning that is designed to improve your KPIs.’

Voyage 360 software is a compass that leads you on a voyage to business excellence based on real data acquired throughout your journey. Our custom-built Knowledge Processor is at the forefront of digital business consultancy services, using machine-learning to improve your business.

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